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FB50 step by step: Posting Journal vouchers


The FB50 transaction is very similar to the FV50 (Park G/L Document), FB60 (Enter Invoice), and FV60 (Park Invoice) transaction, and the steps shown here can also be used for those transactions. RecordStart Winshuttle Transaction from the desktop shortcut or from the Windows Start menu.Click New. Enter transaction code FB50 in the Transaction Code box, and then click Go. An SAP Log On screen appears. Click the SAP system that you want to use, and then click OK.Enter the appropriate User Data in the SAP Logon window, and then click the OK button. If you do not see the SAP system that you want, click the System button and choose a different system. For the recording mode, click Non-Batch Input Mode and click Without SAP Controls. Note: For most transactions, Batch Input mode will suffice, but for downloading information from SAP transactions, or for Finance or HR transactions in which there are Dynamic Actions executing or user parameter values being used, Non-Batch Input mode will b…